Windows 10 is coming soon. If you have Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1, you can upgrade to Window 10 for free starting July 29. But can your computer handle the upgrade?

There’s an easy way to check.  A little Windows symbol should have appeared in the lower right of your task bar. This is how you can reserve your Windows 10 upgrade. This is also how you can check to see if your computer is ready for Windows 10.


Right-click on it and choose Reserve your free upgrade.


Enter an e-mail address where you can be notified when your upgrade has been downloaded to your device in late July. You will still have to initiate the installation. It does a quick compatibility check then, but it happened so fast I wasn’t even able to grab a screenshot of it on either my Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 system. I assume that was because both systems were good to go. You can cancel the reservation if you change your mind.


However, you can check again by right-clicking that little Windows symbol and then choosing Check your upgrade status.


In my case, I got the all-clear. Again, it happened very quickly, so grabbing a screenshot was a challenge.


If there are compatibility issues, they’ll be listed. There’s a category for devices like headphones, mice or keyboards and for programs. I didn’t see anything on either a Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer.

This means my computer and the programs on it should work with Windows 10. You will need at least 3GB of free space available to download this upgrade, so if you’re tight for space on your PC, it may be time to consider moving a few things off to another drive or into cloud storage.

~ Cynthia