Usually when you download a file, you’ll have a window or bar pop up asking if you want to Open the file or Save the file. Which should you choose?

Well, if you simply need to view the file once and don’t have a reason to save a copy to your computer, you can choose open. This will open up the file in the correct program, such as Adobe Reader or Microsoft Word, so that you can view it. But no copy will be saved to your hard drive.


If you want to have a file that you can view over and over again, choose Save. Most of the time, this file will be saved to your Downloads folder. Once the download is complete, open that file from your downloads folder, and then you could choose Save As in the menu of the program that opened to move it to a different location if you’d prefer.

If you want to change the save location for an individual file in Internet Explorer, hit the arrow next to Save on the bar at the bottom of the screen.


Choose Save As and then you can navigate to whatever folder you’d like to save the file.

~ Audra