I discovered this site from a TedX Talk by Jodi Ann Bickley called Stepping Away from the Kerb. After hearing Jodi talk about her project One Million Lovely Letters and why she started it, I knew I had to go check the site out for myself.

The project was born out of a string of medical problems that she faced, and when at rock bottom and, ready to end her life, a silly game reminded her she wasn’t quite ready to be done with this world.  What if instead of being lost in the depression she faced, she could reach out and help other people out of that moment to step away from the edge? She created One Million Lovely Letters that night, and by the next day the site had hits from all over the world.

The goal of One Million Lovely Letters is to send a letter of support, encouragement, and inspiration to anyone in the world who needs one.  All you have to do to request a letter is send an email to the address located at the top of the page.

The main page of the site features all the latest news for OMLL, they’re structured blog style so you just have to scroll down through them.

I’d recommend checking out the Open Letters section where you can read letters that Jodi has written and sent people. I found them super encouraging.

Go check this out today and see the project for yourself!