Choosing a computer can be a daunting task, especially with the large range available in the modern market. In this article I will try to narrow down your choices, making it easier to find a product that will best suit your needs.


The computer’s specifications are key when buying a computer, particularly when you want to get the best performance for your money.

One of the main parts of a computer is RAM, it helps with multitasking and ease of use. If you’re looking for a computer that you will only use for the most basic purposes-such as browsing the internet or typing documents-then you could probably  make do with only 4gbs or RAM, two if you’re lucky. However if you want to use your computer for anything more than that,-Image editing, gaming or video development- you’ll probably need at least 8gbs, if not more.


If performance is what you’re looking for, costs are going to increase dramatically, to the point where you may start paying $1500+ for a computer. There are also many more things you must look for when trying to buy, lest your precious money be spent on what is effectively an overpriced brick. Firstly, a graphics card is integral to high performance computers, they allow you to edit high quality images or render demanding games, as well as being a huge help when using two monitors; go for something with 2gbs+ memory.


A processor is the brain of the computer, and is the most important (and thus complicated) part. Explaining how to choose one based on your inspection alone would take hours, so I recommend simply searching the processor you are looking at on Google and see what other people think of it.




These are particularly handy if you don’t want to spend much time obsessing over the technical side of your computer. Simply type the computer’s name followed by the word “review” into Google and dozens of in-depth reviews of the computer will be right at your fingertips.

I cannot overstate the importance of reading reviews of a computer before you buy it, something can look great on paper, but break easily in use.

Research is the key to finding the best computer for your needs.

~ Kaelan Dekker