Big Changes Coming To Android Permissions

A big change is coming to the next version of Android. Nicknamed Android M, this OS is still in development, but details are coming out about some of the features. One of the big changes is that the app permission system will be similar to Apple’s iOS.


Instead of requiring you authorize every possible permission that could ever be necessary for an app upfront when you download it, users will authorize the permissions as they are needed. Permissions will be limited to 8 easy-to-understand permissions that you can allow or deny as they are needed.  Users will also be able to change permissions for an app once it’s installed.

Android M is expected to be released in late fall of 2015

 Message Crashes Skype

We talked earlier in the week about a text that was causing iPhones to crash, well now there’s a similar problem happening for Skype users. An 8-character message is crashing the app and making it impossible reopen.


This messages reads “http://.” and will not only crash the app, but make it crash again and again when you try to open it.  A big issue with this message is that’s it’s something you could easily include in a message with no ill intent, maybe simply a typo when trying to share a link.


How Much Will Windows 10 Cost?

If you’re a home user already running Windows 7 or Windows 8, the answer is nada, you’ll be able to upgrade for free for one full year after the July 29 release date. Windows Home users will be upgraded to Windows 10 Home and Windows Pro users will be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro – free of charge.

If you don’t upgrade before then or need to purchase it to install on a new PC, it will cost $119 for home users and $199 for Windows 10 Pro.  To upgrade your home edition to Pro will cost $99. Microsoft confirmed these prices to CNET last week.

~ Cynthia