It seems they have it in for all the standard stuff we tend to associate with using computers. We’ve told you about multiple initiatives aimed at killing off passwords for good, now developers of a new messaging system called Fleep have set their sights on e-mail.

The folks at Fleep say that e-mail is an outmoded means of communication (it has been around for 40 years) and that it’s time to change. They say communication needs to be more like messaging apps.


You’ll hear the word “conversation” used a whole lot when they talk about Fleep. The big problem with e-mail is that it’s not designed for conversations and they feel Fleep makes conversations easy.


At its heart, Fleep is a just like a social network such as Facebook, but it’s intended to work for business needs as well.  Fleep stores your chat history much in the way e-mail is stored. Users have unlimited access to history of their messages and files.

With Fleep, you get a unique ID which functions a lot like an e-mail address.  In fact, you can use it to send messages to e-mail accounts and receive e-mail messages in the Fleep account. Unlike chat or messenger programs that only allow you to communicate with others who have that same app, Fleep let’s you talk to pretty much anybody.


Fleep provides voice and video call options much like Skype and Facebook Messenger.  It also has a feature called Pinboard that lets you pin important messages to the side of the conversation, so they are visible to everyone.


Photos and documents pertaining to the conversation can be stored in what’s called a file drawer, which is available a s tab in the message thread.


You’ll receive notifications on your computer or phone. Reading the pitch for this app, the developers brag that users won’t feel left out because they’ll get lots and lots of notifications. Which makes me think they don’t react to notifications the way most of the rest of us do.

One user featured on Fleep’s website called the program “A thousand times more efficient than e-mail.” While another said it had replaced e-mail, Skype and several other programs in his office.

Fleep is currently ad-free even for the free version.  If you’d like to sign up and check it out, click here.

~ Cynthia