Google maps has good news for folks who use public transportation. The app is now offering real-time transit information for several larger cities around the world.


The company is working with over a hundred partners to provide the information to commuters in the U.K., the Netherlands, Budapest, Chicago, San Fancisco and Seattle. App users will be able to the actual live arrivals of buses, trains and subways.


You’ll receive notice of cancelled routes, too. As someone who once stood at a bus stop in sub-zero weather for an hour for a bus that never came, I would appreciate that information.


Google already offers transit information for more than 18,000 towns in 70 countries on every continent but Antarctica. They post schedules for more than 2 million train stations, bus stops and ferries.

To find transport schedules for where you live, open the Google Maps app, tap the menu and choose Transit.


Your maps will then show a little bus icon to indicate public transit routes.


Tap the icon.


You’ll see a see the schedule for that route.


But, as we all know, trains and buses do not always stick to schedules. In the cities that offer the real-time updates, you can track the actual progress of the bus you’re waiting for. You’ll also be notified of any delays. Hopefully that can keep others from long waits in the cold.

Google Maps is included on most Android tablets or you can download it from the Google Play. iPhone and iPad users can download Google Maps from the the App Store.

~ Cynthia