Confused about Class ratings on memory cards? Our reader James had a question, too: What is meant when you state You’ve got 32 GIGS and Class 10 rating.  I see other SD Cards with a different rating and I don’t  understand the difference.  Could you please explain.


We’ve covered this is several articles, here’s one,  but basically, the higher the class rating, the faster the transfer speed. Also, higher class cards can save consecutive pictures quicker, so if you tend to shoot pictures in rapid succession, you might want to look at higher classes. The class of the card is indicated by a number inside of a circle.

memory cards

Your device may only support a lower class card, but it won’t hurt the device to have a higher class card. After all, the card reader you use may support the higher class and allow you to transfer those images or documents to your computer more quickly.

~ Audra