Norton Will Be Compatible With Windows 10

There was some concern raised by users of Norton Security anti-virus software that it wouldn’t be compatible with Windows 10. When they ran the compatibility check for programs after reserving their upgrade, they were notified that Windows 10 was not compatible with Norton.


Norton says not to worry. The final version of Windows 10 isn’t ready yet and they are currently working on an updates that they will provide to Norton users before July 29th. Norton should have no issues working with Windows 10.

Facebook Messenger Tops 1 Billion Downloads

Over 1 billion, that’s right billion, people have downloaded Facebook Messenger from the Google Play store. The app got off to a rocky start when Facebook split it from their main app with many expressing concerns about the security permissions.

But it seems to have caught on like wildfire. Messenger allows you to send messages as texts, photos and videos and also allow you to make video and voice calls. Recently, Facebook has added apps just for use within messenger.

Messenger is also the top free app available in the Apple App store.

 New Keyboard Can Be Customized To Display Anything

A new keyboard by Sonder can be customized to read anything you want it to. This isn’t a digital keyboard, but an actual physical keyboard with keys. The keyboard uses eInk, just like an eReader and can change to anything you want it to be under the transparent keys.  You can customize your own shortcuts and have them displayed on the keys.

Plus it can be changed to any language. It connects to your device via Bluetooth and is rechargeable. Now this keyboard doesn’t come cheap, it costs $199 at Sonder Design’s online store.

~ Cynthia