Apple is making some changes to its built-in Notes app in iOS 9. Notes will now have features that make it more competitive with apps like EverNote and Microsoft’s OneNote.


Plus, now you’ll be able to add to notes while using other apps.


Users can use a Share button in many apps, including the Safari browser to save attachments to a note. Those attachments include documents, web addresses and maps, among other things.

One of my favorite features on OneNote is the ability to quickly turn any note into a checklist with just a tap. In iOS 9, note will do the same thing. Users will be able to add bullets with just a tap and check items off as they go.


You’ll also have a selection of drawing tools that will enable you to draw right on the note with your finger or stylus.


Adding a photo is super-easy now as well. You just need to tap the camera icon to take a phone from within the app.


Notes is so beefed-up now, it’s really a completely different app.

iOS 9 will be available this fall.  Click this link to learn if your Apple device will receive the upgrade.

~ Cynthia