Are you planning an event where you need live entertainment? Are you a performer? An Entertainer?  A Musician? A Speaker? Well if you answered yes to any of these questions you might want to check this site out.

GigSalad helps you hire live entertainment for whatever event you have planned. Not to mention it is easy to use. Right now there are over 60,000 bands, entertainers, and event services for hire via the site. Best of all you can favorite the ones you’re interested in as you browse, so you can pick the best match for your event.

I suggest checking out the How it Works section to get the low down on how the site operates. The basic gist is that it’s a three step process: 1) you get a quote 2) you hire an entertainer 3) you have an awesome event. I’d suggest it’s more like a five step process and add two steps before getting a quote: 1) you search for the entertainment you’re looking for and favorite the ones you like 2) compare those choices. And then I’d say you could with their three steps.

If you’re a performer, you can offer your services here for people to hire you for gigs!

It all starts with the registration page where you can pick if you’re a performer or a event coordinator, then register for the free level of service.

So you’re probably wondering what practical application this has for everyday people who aren’t putting on big events. Well you can use it to hire people for kids parties (face painters, balloon twisters, petting zoos) or for weddings (bands, florists, cakes) and so much more! To get a full listing be sure to check out the Other category it has a lot of great services listed that you many not have thought of!

This is a site I’ll be bookmarking for future use for sure. Go check it out today!