Summer is here and that means spending time outdoors, lazy afternoon picnics and most of all-swimming! After all, what’s  than taking a long swim on a hot summer’s day? While you can surely head to a local pool to quench your thirst for aquatic adventure, there’s nothing like a swim in a river or a lake.

As appealing as the thought is, many people have trouble finding an appealing water body near their home. It’s remarkable, how many of us do not realize what wonders of adventure lie close to home. Thanks to the Internet, there’s a quick way to find all this information in a matter of seconds. aims to help you find the nearest swimming spot using the shortest route possible. In a matter of minutes you could find a great spot to swim and enjoy a picnic at. Here’s how to find the perfect spot to swim close to you in three quick steps:-

Step 1: provides you two ways of zeroing in on a great swimming spot. The first method involves Google Maps, using which you drag/drop and zoom in/out to zero in on your location. Once you have zoomed in upon your local area, the map will show you a list of swimming spots around it. See how easy that was?


Or you can use the second method and simply click on your state (or the state you are currently in) on the map of the US. This will bring up a map of your state with all these fantastic swimming locations marked over there. You can then select a location that appeals to you and access additional information about it.


Step 2: Go through all the information that is provided there. Extensive research has been done on the countless swimming spots that feature on the site, allowing you to find information about fees, allowed activities and even contact numbers. Detailed directions are provided from common spots in the area as well, which makes reaching these spots easy for out of town visitors. You can make it even easier by tagging the location on the Google Maps app on your phone and just following the directions.


Step 3: Check out the additional info provided there. In most cases the site provides an official link to the site of the state park (or the organization responsible for maintain the water body), pictures taken by other visitors and links to relevant YouTube videos. The latter is absolutely fantastic as it allows you to get an idea of the swimming spot and see if it appeals to you and to the people who intend to accompany you.

No excuses to not go out and enjoy a summer swim anymore. With you have a treasure trove of information about some amazing secret spots that your friends and family will thank you for!

~ Yogesh