Apple Maps got a lot of bad publicity for some issues it had some time back. Stories of directions that told you to drive off bridges and screenshots of glaring errors were all over the Internet. The company has been trying rehabilitate the app’s image since then and they’ve made many improvements.

With iOS 9, Apple is upgrading Maps so that it has many of the features you find in Google Maps. Let’s take a look.

Maps will now offer a Transit view that will bring you information about routes and directions to the nearest public transit stop in your city. Ask the digital personal assistant Siri the way to the nearest bus stop and “she’ll” provide you with the route and the schedule.


Use the Nearby function to locate restaurants, grocery stores or even the closest spot for dessert. You’ll be able to see reviews and find information about the place along with directions on how to get there.


Once you get to that restaurant you may be able to pay for your purchase just by using your phone. With the Apple Pay function you can add credit cards to your virtual wallet and even consumer reward cards. So instead of searching through your wallet for your debit card and your Panera rewards card when it comes time to pay for your lunch, you can use your iPhone to both redeem your free drink and pay for your soup and salad.


iOS 9 will be released in the fall.

~ Cynthia