Got multiple e-mail address and want them all in the same place? Doug & Donna do and they wrote: “We have 3 e-mail addresses. How can I get them to load into my browser. The only way I can see 2 of them is on my web mail.”

After a little checking, I found out what they actually meant was that they wanted to see their e-mail in their e-mail client Windows Live Mail.  A browser is a program you use to access the Internet, an e-mail client is a program you use to download copies of your e-mail messages to your computer.  All 3 of these e-mail addresses also came from the same Internet Service Provider.

Now if you just wanted to look at three different e-mail addresses from 3 different providers in a browser, you could simply open up 3 tabs and log into each account.  If they were from the same ISP, you might have to get tricky and use a different browser for each address (IE for one, Chrome for the other and Firefox for the third) That way you could stay logged in to all three of them.

If you want to download all of your mail to Windows Live Mail, it’s pretty simple.  Open up your Windows Live Mail Inbox and click the little arrow in the upper left of the inbox. Then choose options


Then choose E-mail accounts.


Now choose Add Accounts and Live Mail will walk you through setting up the account.