Everyone loves a good keyboard shortcut, especially when working with a program when you’re doing a lot of typing anyway, such as Yahoo! Mail.

I discovered these shortcuts the other day while helping someone out who had accidentally hit one and changed a setting for his inbox.

Let’s look at some of the more useful ones for Yahoo!   Remember, these shortcuts only work when using Yahoo! mail online in a browser, they won’t work if you’re receiving mail in an e-mail client such as Outlook or Thunderbird.




Up/Down Arrow – Highlight the next message up or down


Enter -Open a message


Spacebar -Check or uncheck a message’s checkbox


Ctrl+Up/Down -Move focus up or down the list (preserving selection)Ctrl+A -Select all messages
V -Toggle Preview Pane – This will take you back and forth between no preview pane, bottom preview pane and side preview pane.


M -Check mail (jumps to Inbox)


Shift+M -Check all mail (includes POP accounts)


N -Start a new email message

Ctrl+Shift+U -Attach files (one at a time)


Ctrl+S -Save as a draft


Ctrl+Enter -Send message 


For a complete list of Yahoo! Mail keyboard shortcuts – click here.
~ Cynthia