Facebook has taken a big step with Facebook Messenger. There was a lot of controversy when they separated it from the Facebook mobile app into a separate app, now there’s an even bigger change.


A Facebook account is no longer required to use Facebook Messenger in the U.S and Canada as well as Peru and Venezuela.

Now, those who really aren’t interested in social media, but appreciate Messenger’s ability to send text, photo and video messages as well as host video and group chats can still take advantage of the app.


Now, when you download Messenger from your phone’s app store, you’ll see an option that says, “Not on Facebook.”


Select that option and you can sign up with a name, phone number and photo.

Facebook points out that if you have a Facebook account, you probably will want to use it to log into Messenger, since it’s easier to have your Facebook friend as contacts and move easily between messages made on Facebook using a browser or tablet.

Facebook Messenger has more than one billion users for its Android app alone. The company has long said that it wants to be a player in the communications game and not limit itself to social media.

~ Cynthia