Summer may be in full force at the moment, but lingering upon us is autumn. And besides crisp, cool air and turning leaves, nothing screams the fall season more than not-so-surprising surprise unveilings of the next Apple iPhone generation. Rumors have been a-swirling with anticipation for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Here’s what we’ve gathered among the chatter.


The Look Will Be the Same

Not a shocker, but it is highly likely that the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will boast the same exterior design as the prior model. Much like for the past “S” upgrades of previous generations, Apple will probably stick to routine in this aspect. Expect the same thickness and width. But never say never, if there are any noticeable changes, there is a possibility the body will change for the Plus version.


Selfies Could Get Even Better

Might as well embrace vanity fully if you’re going to take a selfie right? Apple gets it, which is why this next generation will completely upgrade its front-facing camera from 1.2 megapixels to 5 whopping megapixels. The major leap is almost guaranteed probable so that the tech innovator can keep up with its rival Samsung, whose Galaxy S6 already holds the a 5-megapixel front-facing camera. Not to mention, FaceTime will get even friendlier and more intimate with crystal clear (maybe a little too clear) shots of your face while connecting with friends and family.

 Photographers & Videographers Could Quit Their Day Jobs

In addition to the rumored front-facing camera upgrade, the back camera and video recording capabilities are anticipated to receive a big boost. Leaked information shows the primary shooter will likely be a 12-megapixel one and have the capability of recording 4K video along with 240 frames per second (FPS) slow motion. This is all good news for Apple versus Android debate since it puts the iPhone at an increasingly level playing field in terms of built-in cameras.

 Same Old Jacks of Trade

The number of holes for speakers, microphones and power connections on the new “S” will mimic is predecessor. This is always a bonus when talking accessories since it means users need not worry about buying a new phone case or charger, thus allowing them to save some cash to be put towards the Apple App Store.

  1. May the Force Be With You(r Touch)

It’s already started in production so isn’t really a rumor, but Apple will begin to include a feature called Force Touch in all new iPhone models. Force Touch senses how hard users are pressing down on a screen—it’ll let device owners adjust the strength of their screen taps to bring up different functions. Because who doesn’t like a little personalization, right?


Now that you know the most recent gossip surrounding the iPhone 6S, it’s time to get excited for the upcoming Apple keynote speech that reveals the next gen and confirms all the rumors. If you’re a late adapter, it’s also nice to know once the latest version is released to the public, carriers such as T-Mobile will most certainly discount the 6 models. Until fall, we’ll wait in anticipation but thankfully we’re in the loop for the big surprise, making us with it and cool, like Apple is.

~ Jessica Oaks