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We covered, in a previous article, how to stop an email that you may have regretted sending in Gmail. Previously, this was in a test or beta setting so you had to go to the labs to use the option, but recently, Google released it for all users. So if you ever find yourself regretting hitting that “send” button, here’s how you can set up your Gmail to undo that email.

The option to Undo Send is turned off by default, so you first have to enable it in your settings. First, open up your Gmail settings by hitting the Gear in the corner of your email inbox. Then, click on Settings.


Make sure you are in the General settings, and about halfway down the screen, you’ll see Undo Send. Check mark the box next to Enable Undo Send. You can also change the length of time you have to cancel the sent email, between 5 and 30 seconds. Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the screen and hit Save Changes.


Once enabled, each time you send an email, you’ll see a banner pop up at the top of the screen, telling you the email has been sent, and then giving the option to Undo or View Message.


This banner will stay on the screen until your selected time has elapsed, then you can no longer undo the message. I know that I have used Undo Send many times in sending emails for Worldstart, when I noticed I had some spelling errors that I didn’t notice until after I’d hit send.

~ Audra

6 thoughts on “How To Stop An Email

  1. Your instructions on how to stop an email accidently sent in Gmail is helpful. Is there a way to stop the send in yahoo email?

    1. Hi Pete,

      There should be, I just checked on two different accounts. It should be about halfway down on the menu, as shown in the screenshot. Unless maybe you are looking at it on a mobile device?

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