Use of the Google Chrome browser is growing like gangbusters according to research from NetMarketShare. In just a year the percentage of people using Chrome to access the Internet has grown from 19.6% to 28.15% of all users.


Chrome’s leap has coincided with a decline by Firefox. Almost 13% of people used Mozilla’s browser last summer, but by June of 2015 it fell to just 9.73%.

Internet Explorer remained on top, used by 43.5% of users in June, though that was a 5% drop from the previous year.  Safari usage remained stable at around 12%. Android’s browser took a drop from 3.58% last year to 2.77% this year. All other browsers combined accounted for less than 4% of usage.

But all that could change pretty rapidly with introduction of Microsoft’s Edge browser in Windows 10. Edge is the default browser for 10, though Internet Explorer is still included.

~ Cynthia