The loss of Windows Media Center in Windows 10 has readers looking for an alternative. Craig wrote: “Since Windows Media Center is going away in Windows 10 what alternatives are there for Windows Media Center. I have 2 PC’s with TV tuner cards and I record many TV shows for watching later since I have a very busy schedule.”

First, one note. Windows Media Player is not going away. But I’d suggest giving Media Portal a try.  This open-source software is compatible with Windows 8.1 and Microsoft says it should be compatible with Windows 10, but I have seen reports that some folks are having issues. If you download this software, you’ll probably want to try MediaPortal 2. I’ve heard it works a little better with the Windows 10 preview.


Media Portal is free to download, though they do ask that you make a contribution towards supporting the software. The choice is up to you.  Just click the download tab  on their website

Let’s take a look at what MediaPortal can do:

Watch and record live TV.

You can watch TV live and record it on any PC on you network.  t least one PC will need a TV card to receive over the air signals. There’s even a guide that lets you check the channels.

You’ll be able to pause, fast-forward and rewind just like with a DVR.


You can also play videos and DVDs, plus sort and organize your videos.


Listen to music and steam and record radio.

Not only can this program organize and play your music, you can also listen to FM radio and record web radio on your PC. You can even add digital stations from your cable or satellite subscription.


You can also display slideshows of favorite images.


You can access the program from your smart phone via a app for your Android or iPhone or through a web browser to view recorded material or schedule recordings.


Once you download the program – Click here for the quick guide to setting it all up. 

This isn’t exactly Media Center, but as replacements go, it has a lot of great features.

~ Cynthia