Chrome Growing, Firefox Falling – Will Edge Change Everything?

Use of the Google Chrome browser is growing like gangbusters according to research from NetMarketShare. In just a year the percentage of people using Chrome to access the Internet has grown from 19.6% to 28.15% of all users.


Chrome’s leap has coincided with a decline by Firefox. Almost 13% of people used Mozilla’s browser last summer, but by June of 2015 it fell to just 9.73%.

Internet Explorer remained on top, used by 43.5% of users in June, though that was a 5% drop from the previous year.  Safari usage remained stable at around 12%. Android’s browser took a drop from 3.58% last year to 2.77% this year. All other browsers combined accounted for less than 4% of usage.

But all that could change pretty rapidly with introduction of Microsoft’s Edge browser in Windows 10. Edge is the default browser for 10, though Internet Explorer is still included.

~ Cynthia

3 thoughts on “Chrome Growing, Firefox Falling – Will Edge Change Everything?

  1. I quit IE because it kept freezing on me & I understood that chrome was “safer” to use for on-line shopping & bill paying. What features will make Edge better?

  2. As an early adopter of Windows 10 I can tell you that Edge does not inspire me. I ran screaming back to Chrome (even though they don’t support “Flash Player” anymore I was able to install it from Adobe myself and it works fine). Better even! I also put Chrome on my Android phone. They need to make an Android phone that one can uninstall these “bloatware” applications once we get something that works! Worldstart Phone!

  3. Thanks for the info, Keith! Most of us out here are eagerly soaking up preliminary information about W10 and all its pieces, parts, and ramifications. ALL of your comments were helpful to me, thank you.

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