Pocket is a great service that allows you to save articles you find online or in apps to your device.  You can read them later when you aren’t even online or when your phone doesn’t have a data connection.

It works on your computer with desktop browser extensions available for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It also works with, your Android phone and tablet, iPhone and iPad, and even with Kobo readers. You can even save links by e-mailing them to yourself.  Plus, it’s free!


You can save articles, videos and more.


To get started, go to their website and sign up.


If you’re already using an Android device or have a Gmail account, you can log in with that.


If you sign up online, it will also ask if you want to install the app on your Android device.


Of course, you can also just go to the app store for your device and create your account when you install the app on your phone or tablet.

Once the account is created, you’ll need to enter a password.


When you have successfully completed the sign-in, you’ll see this notification.


Pocket then asked if I wanted to connect the pocket button to the browser.


The Pocket button now appears at the top of my browser.


Chrome offers a browser extension as well, but for Internet explorer, you’ll need to drag a button to your bookmarks.


Now that we’ve got pocket, we’ll need to take a look at how to use it. I’ll give you the tour tomorrow in part 2 of this article.

~ Cynthia