Questions about Windows 10 are coming in so fast that it’s hard to keep up with them. I thought I’d take a break from writing our guide on Windows 10 to share what I’ve learned with our readers.

Paul wants to know: Do you know with the free upgrade to windows 10 when they download It to your computer will you have to reinstall all our programs, photos, videos etc. like you would if you installed from a disk.

David has a similar question: So, Windows 10 will install and everything you have will stay put?


Guys here’s the scoop. Windows 10 should not overwrite any of your files or programs with the exception of some things that are actually part of the operating system. For example, you’ll lose Windows Media Center (not Media Player, but Media Center) and the Games section in Windows 7 that contained Minesweeper and Solitaire. However you can download those games for free from the Windows Store once 10 is installed.  I’d still suggest backing up your important files, because you just never know when you’re doing any kind of large update what might happen.

Margaret has a question about multiple users: In all the Windows 10 descriptions, I’ve seen no mention of having multiple users on the computer.  My spouse and I have, and prefer, much different settings and we hope it won’t be homogenized in Windows 10.  Any idea?

Margaret, there’s no change to the ability to customize things for multiple users. In fact, there are even more options for customization like virtual desktops.

Donna asks a question I’ve answered a couple of times already, but it keeps rolling in:  I am running Windows7 home premium but I haven’t seen the little windows symbol on my taskbar for reserving my copy of Windows 10 – how do I reserve it.


Donna this has been an issue for several people. I wrote an article a couple of weeks ago. Click here to read. Hopefully one of the solutions offered can help you out.

I hope this has answered some of your questions.

~ Cynthia