In part one of this series, I told you about Pocket. This free service and app allows you to save things from the web to read later. You can even read them when you aren’t connected to the Internet. We learned how to download it, let’s take a look at how to use it.

We’ll start with the app version. When you download and install Pocket on your smartphone or tablet, it works in conjunction with hundreds of other apps like Chrome, Twitter, Flipboard, and many more. When you choose the share option for your app, you’ll be able to share it to pocket. Here, I’m looking at a WorldStart Tech Tip on my phone’s Chrome browser.


When I choose the share option in the this app (where that’s located depends on the app, but usually in the menu), I have an option for Pocket.


This saves that article to my Pocket App.


This puts articles I’d like to read later conveniently together in one place, but it also allows me to read an article when Idon’t  have an Internet connection. To test it out, I switched my phone to airplane mode to turn off all my data connections. Then I opened the saved article in Pocket. No Internet, no problem.


Let’s check out how to save an article using a web browser on your PC.  When you find an article you want to look at later, click the pocket button that you’ve added to your browser.


If you’re using Internet Explorer, you’ll use the bookmark that you saved to your Favorites bar.


When you open your Pocket account online and choose My List – you’ll see that tip, along with the one I saved from the phone.


All I have to do to read the article is click on it.


Not only can you save article, but you can save videos and images as well. You probably won’t be able to view the videos when you’re offline, but it is a great place to put things for later use.


The articles I save on my PC are also available on my phone and vice versa.


This service is free and so is the app. There is a premium version available that offers greater search features. It also will keep copies of your articles for you forever, even if the links go away. But the free version should be fine for your everyday use.

Check it out. I think you’ll be impressed.

~ Cynthia