Help! How Do I Unblock A Blocked Sender?

Ever accidentally block a sender in your e-mail? It happened to Sharleen who writes: “I was wondering if you could explain how to unblock an email. I think I might have accidently ¬†asked my hotmail to block an email and I want to receive it.”

Fortunately this is an easy issue to solve. Go to your inbox and choose the little gear and the top. Then select Options.


You’ll switch to a screen with a bunch of choices.


Under Preventing junk email, choose Safe and blocked senders.


Here you can add safe senders and mailing lists and see a list of blocked senders. Click Blocked senders.



Here you can either type in a name to add to the list.



Or click on a name already on the list and choose remove to remove it.



2 thoughts on “Help! How Do I Unblock A Blocked Sender?

  1. Thank you for this explanation, but on my page there is NO ‘Remove from list’ to click on! I know outlook was updated recently so now things have changed. I did find the list of blocked email addresses, and it is long. I suddenly got slammed with spam a couple weeks ago and accidentally blocked ebay while I was blocking all these spams. Oh no! Since I’m a seller I really need to be able to get mail from them. Can you help?

    1. Susan: I’m on right now and see the remove from list feature. There may be an issue with your browser. Have you tried clearing the cache or using another browser?

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