Help! Can’t Load Web Pages After Security Update!

Let’s take this one from the pages of real-life here at WorldStart. I recently did an update for Kaspersky Security software and then found that I wasn’t able to load certain web sites, like Google, in the Firefox browser. I got this error.


However, I could load Google and the other problem pages in both Internet Explorer and Chrome. For the Yahoo! page I was having issues with, I was able to click “I understand the risks” and add an exception.


Even though there was a stern warning not to do this, I did it anyway.  I wouldn’t suggest doing it for an unfamiliar site.


When it came to searching Google, I didn’t even have the option to add an exception. Since my coworker wasn’t having any issues with Firefox and hadn’t yet installed her Kaspersky update, I suspected it was connected to Kaspersky. With a little digging, I discovered that I was right. Fortunately, it was easy to fix.

I opened up Kaspersky and chose Additional and then Network from the main screen.


Then I picked Advanced settings.


There I had the option install a security certificate for Kaspersky. I clicked install and it only took a minute or so to finish.


After that, no problem at all loading Google or the other problematic sites.

~ Cynthia

4 thoughts on “Help! Can’t Load Web Pages After Security Update!

  1. Thanks for this great information. I would be so lost without this. Short of keeping a copy of this article, where and how can I find this and similar info when needed?

    1. Bookmarking this article or adding it to a program like Reading List or Pocket, could be your best bet. Of course, you can always look through support questions for Kaspersky, though I didn’t see this precise answer there.

  2. I’m having this problem but it in google chrome so how do I fix it in there. I don’t use Kaspersky. Has something possible been updated that’s causing me an issue. I have already put the website in as a trusted site and changed the compatibility settings but still having issues.

  3. Not the same thing but in the category. You can go to this site
    to see what I mean. I just did a re-install on my computer. (not a clean reinstall) And ever since I keep getting this sort of thing every time I open a web page. One thing on this site it keeps saying I am in Troy.. That is incorrect. And it makes no difference if I use Firefox or Explorer, I get the same thing. AND it stops me from going anywhere else. Could you inform me of what I could do to stop this crap.
    Many Thanks

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