YouTube is a great service, but sometimes it can be confusing to use. Carol writes us with an unusual problem: I am confused by what is happening. When I go to Youtube and play any video, in the first 15 seconds, an automated female voice says “loading complete.” I have never heard this before and want to know how to stop it from doing that?

What you are hearing isn’t a standard feature of YouTube or your web browser, but is rather coming from a third party program that changes how YouTube videos load. The most likely culprit here is a Firefox add-on / Chrome extension called “Magic Actions For YouTube” that is known to play an audio sound (such as a female voice) letting you know when a video has finished loading.

Magic For YouTube

This add-on plays a sound whenever a YouTube clip is done buffering, which can be useful for instance if you are pausing a video immediately and navigating away from the tab to do something else while the video loads. This lets you start the clip after loading is finished so you don’t have any interruptions in playback. If you are just simply watching videos straight through however and don’t need to wait for loading, the audio file played every single time can get very annoying.

To stop the voiceover from playing every time, you just need to disable the program, so you’ll need to decide if the extension’s other features are worth hearing the audio voice constantly.

In Chrome, click the menu button at the top-right corner of the browser and then select the “More Tools” and “Extensions” option to see a list of all your installed extensions (in Firefox, instead open the main menu and click the “Add-Ons” option). Scroll to whichever extension is playing the audio.

Chrome Extensions

If you want to temporarily disable the program, just click the “Enable” check box and then restart your browser. If you want it gone completely, instead click the trash icon labeled “Remove From Chrome” and then select the “Remove” option and restart the browser.

Deleting Extension

~ Ty Arthur