Desktop shortcuts sure come in handy, but not everyone knows how to create them. Harry asks: “I would like to know how to make a desktop shortcut for a program I use everyday.”
No problem Harry. Here’s how to make a shortcut in Windows 7.

If it’s a program you use very frequently, you may wish to add it to your Start Menu or your Taskbar. Search the name of the program in your search box.


Right-click and you’ll see options to pin to the Taskbar and Start Menu.


Pin it to the Start Menu and it will appear when you click the Start button.


Choose Pin to Taskbar and it will always appear on your taskbar for easy access.


To create a desktop shortcut, click once on the icon for the program and hold while you drag it to a blank area on your desktop.


Now you’ll have a shortcut right there on your desktop.


~ Cynthia