In The News 07-24-15

Facebook Brings Shopping To Pages

Up next on Facebook’s things-to-do list: challenge Amazon. The social media giant will be shops to Facebook pages where you’ll be able to purchase featured products by clicking or tapping a button.  The company says the plan is still in its early stages, but users will be able to accept credit card and PayPal payment and users can easily do promotions and discounts.


Facebook recently added a feature that allows users to send money to other Facebook users via the Messenger apps.

Scammers Freeze iPhones, Demand Cash

Scammers are hitting iPhone users with this fake warning that a third-party app has crashed your phone.


When users call the number, a crook asks for their credit card number in order to fix the problem. It’s a trick to get your card information. To disable it, put your iPhone into airplane mode and then clear your Safari browser history and data.

Commodore Android Phone Is A Blast From The Past

Proving that everything old is eventually new again, the Commodore Android phone has hit the market. It’s named after Commodores first PC which made its debut all the way back in 1977.


Not only is it a fully functional Android phone, but it can also run vintage Commodore and Amiga programs. You’ll have to wait some time to get it, though. It’ll launch first in Europe.

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