How Do I Move To The Cloud?

I challenged you try out cloud storage this week and I just got a question from a reader that falls right into that topic. Greg asks:  How do I go about moving things into the cloud??

Greg, we already talked about the possibility that you might already have free cloud storage and how to sign up for 30 free gigs earlier in the week. Click here to read that article.

Now let’s take a look at the process of moving files to the cloud.  Let’s start with moving a file to OneDrive.  Once you’ve set up your Microsoft account, you can head over to to your inbox and click on the little square of square icons in the upper-left corner. Click it.


You’ll see icons for free Microsoft Office programs to use online as well as a blue icon with a cloud in it for your OneDrive.  Click on it.

Or you can head over to and log in there. Either way, you’ll then see your OneDrive homepage.


To the left, you’ll see a menu for Files, Recent, Photos and Shared.


To add files to your cloud storage choose the Upload Arrow at the top of the page.


File Explorer will open on your PC.


Select the folders or files that you want to upload and choose Open.


You  can also just click and hold on a file on your desktop or in a folder and drag it to your OneDrive.



You can also download the One Drive App to your Windows 7 or 8 computer or your Mac by going to It’s already part of your Windows 8.1 computer and will also be integrated into Windows 10.


Your cloud storage will then just appear as another drive destination in File Explorer.


To use your Google Drive, you can go through your Gmail account and choose the menu on the right.


Then choose Google Drive.



Or you can go to Your options are fairly similar to OneDrive here. Click My Drive and choose Upload file from the menu. You can then choose the files you want to upload in File Explorer.


Or, just as with OneDrive, you can click, hold, and drag a file from your PC into the drive.


You also have the choice of downloading a Google Drive App to your PC.  Click here for the free download.

Both getting started with your cloud account and uploading to the cloud are pretty simple processes.

~ Cynthia

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