Larry can’t find his Yahoo Mail Contacts. He writes:  I need to see my list of contacts and can no longer even find it. I also liked the option to send to “All”. It is no longer there! It’s toooo much work to try to remember all the addresses and spend hours typing them in separately……. Please restore the “All” function. And let me find and see my contacts!

First, we’ll head over to the Yahoo inbox and look in the upper-left corner.


There you’ll find icons for Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notepad, Messenger and News Feed.


Click on the icon that resembles an address book.


A menu will display. Your first choice at the top is New Contact, but right underneath that, you’ll see All Contacts.


Click on it and your contacts will display.


Click the arrow beside Actions at the top, and you’ll get a drop-down menu with options for sorting, importing and exporting contacts. This is also where you can restore contacts from a backup or print.


If you’d like to see your contacts while composing an e-mail, just click To.


A window will open that allows you to search for contacts, view all of your contacts or just a short list or check a box besides the contacts you wish to send a message to. If you check all the boxes, all of your contacts will get the message.


Before we look at how to an e-mail to everyone on your contact list, I’d like to ask you to think about it first. Aside from maybe a change of e-mail address announcement, is there really anything that everyone in your contact list would want or need to see? Choosing to send all is how we can end up inadvertently spamming our friends.

But, it’s pretty easy to make a list containing all or some of your contacts. While you are in contacts, just choose a contact or contacts and click on Assign.


You can create a new list or use one that you already have in place.


Now when you want to send to everyone or a certain group of people,  open an e-mail and click BCC at the end of To line. You’ll do this because you don’t want the people you’re sending to to get a long list of e-mail addresses from all of your contacts.


Type in the name of your list in the BCC field.


Smaller groups of contacts that have common interests is usually a better idea than sending an e-mail to everyone on your list.

I hope this helps you get to your contacts.

~ Cynthia