I’ve told you how much I like Cortana, but Don and a couple of other people have a similar quesiton about the digital assistant in Windows 10.

“I work in a real estate office with a dozen or so agents at their PCs working away. It is relatively quiet in the office. I use a headset for listening to audio. Has anyone considered how disruptive it will be if everyone using W10 is shouting, “Hey Cortana!”


Well, Don – there’s really no need to shout at Cortana. In an office environment, you could use a headset with a mic. Speaking to Cortana wouldn’t be any louder than speaking on the phone. (I’ve never understood, after 20 plus years in broadcasting, why people feel the urge to shout at microphones. The mic is doing the amplification, speak in a regular voice.)

As with any technology, you have to consider how appropriate it is for the environment you’re using it in. You don’t have to speak to Cortana, you can simply type in your questions, appointments etc…  As a real estate agent, you might make greater use of Cortana in the field on your laptop or reminding her to schedule a showing or open house while you’re on the go using your phone or tablet.

I do want to point out again that using Cortana is optional. It’s a feature that I find convenient and fun – but I think that for some folks with mobility issues or visual impairment, it could be a huge help.

~ Cynthia