Learn Android’s Secret Codes

Do you have an Android phone? If so, I’m going to show you some tricks to troubleshooting your device. By default, there are hidden codes inside your phone that can be very helpful if you experience issues with it. Using these codes lets you do fine-tunings, change settings and more.

NOTE: read carefully what each code does! If you try it, you do it at your own risk, as some of them might brick your device!

  1. *2757*3855#

This code will format you phone right after pressing #.  It should be done by authorized persons only. It’s useful when Android system crashes and you have no other option to bring your device back to life.

DO NOT use this code by yourselves!


  1. *#9900#

This will remove the temporary files stored within your phone’s memory. Once you hit # the operation will start immediately.

Temporary files take precious space from the memory. Usually they are automatically deleted when the system is shut down, but we almost never close our phones, right? So these files just sit there and cause the system to run slower.


  1. *#0808#

With this one you may change and adjust USB settings. Connecting your device to a computer using an USB cable allows you to easily exchange data between machines: pictures, videos, music etc.

android code 3

  1. *#1234#

Detailed information about the operating system will be provided using this code. Some Android applications require a certain version of the OS to run. You may find what version your phone is running by typing this code.

  1. *#12580*369#

This one will display information about your device hardware. Any physical component inside the phone is shown, with useful details. A handy code if a part is broken and you want to replace it.


As they say in commercials, wait – there’s more! In part 2 of this article we’ll look at even more Android codes.

~ Adrian

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