Janet is missing her Chrome toolbar and wants some help getting it back. She writes; I’m not sure if my question is appropriate for your site, but here goes: I’ve lost my toolbar in Google Chrome.  I need to get into my tools which I knew were in the menu bar.  I’ve Googled it with no results that worked. Help!

Janet, this is definitely the appropriate place to write. The menu bar is no more in recent versions of Chrome. Google is going with a cleaner look. Most browser keep your tools tucked away in a menu that only show when you need it. Click that little icon that looks like three lines in the upper-right side of the page. Whenever you’re looking for options in any program or app, that little symbol is a great place to look.



A drop-down menu will open. Choose Settings.


Scroll to the bottom of the Settings section and choose  Show advanced settings.


Under Privacy, choose Content Settings.


A window will open that allows you to manage your cookies.


~ Cynthia Mackley