Should I Wait To Buy My Printer?

Ellen wants to know if she needs to wait to purchase a new printer. “I am about to buy a wireless printer. It supports Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. Do I have to wait until the printer is Windows 10 compatible before I can buy it?”

Ellen, if a device works with 8.1, it should work with Windows 10 without any problem.  But if you’re concerned you check out the Windows Compatibility Center.

You can search for your model and then click on the result.


You can choose an OS from the drop-down menu to see if any issues have been reported and if you might need to download a driver to make it work.


You could also go to the manufacturer’s site and see if there’s any information about that model and Windows 10. Odds are, though, if it works with 8.1, it should work with 10.

~ Cynthia

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