Why Should I Upgrade to Windows 10?

More than one of our readers has asked why they should bother to upgrade to Windows 10. As one put it, “If I’m happy with my operating system, why should I upgrade?”  That’s a fair question. Certainly, you don’t have to upgrade now. As they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But I think there are some advantages to upgrading. I’ll warn you that I’ve been up to my eyeballs in a Windows 10 preview for months, so it no longer seems like a new operating system to me. Sometimes I try to use Windows 10 features on a my Windows 7 computer.  Let me tell you, talking to a PC that doesn’t answer gets you some looks in the office.


Here are what I think are some of the reasons to consider an upgrade:

It’s free!  If you are currently using Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 as a home user, it won’t cost you a penny to upgrade to the new system.  Plus, your files and programs will remain intact.  You’ll have until July 29, 2016 to download and install your upgrade. This will save you around $100.

You extend your support.  Microsoft is guaranteeing security support for Windows 10 for 10 years. That means if you have Windows 7, you’re getting an extra 5 years of security support. Mainstream support for Windows 7 (which means no new features) has ended, but you’ll have mainstream support for at least another 5 years if you switch to Windows 10. For Windows 8 users, you’ll get an additional 3 years of security support.


You hate 8. If you’re one of those who didn’t get along well with Windows 8, you’ll very much appreciate the upgrade to 10. The Start Menu is back on the bottom left and is actually more functional than ever before.  I actually liked 8 fine, but I did have a convertible with a touch screen. It could be frustrating to use with a mouse. Windows 10 is completely mouse and keyboard friendly.


It’s cool. There are some seriously kick-butt features in Windows 10. My favorite is Cortana. Maybe it’s because I grew up watching Star Trek and always wanted to be able to say “Computer, do this!” or “Computer, show me that!” You have to say Cortana and not computer, but the personal digital assistant will write e-mails, open programs, search the web, put appointments on your calendar and a lot more. All you have to do is ask.


Microsoft is listening to your feedback.

I’ve been participating in the Technical Preview of Windows 10 for a few months. As we’ve gone along, the company has taken a lot of feedback from millions of users and made changes to the OS accordingly. They plan to keep up the practice once it goes into general use. They’ll take feedback from users and then make gradual changes to the operating system to make it more user-friendly.

Most of you are well-aware of the downsides to getting a new OS. There’s the dreaded learning curve. However, I don’t think it will be too much with this OS. It might look slightly different, but it feels familiar. And that was truly the flaw with Windows 8 and 8.1. The system did what previous operating systems did, but it didn’t FEEL like Windows. This system still feel like Windows.

Another objection that many of you have, is the update policy for Windows 10. Updates are not optional. You’ll only be able to choose when to install and restart your PC. I can see why Microsoft did this. Many critical updates never got installed on PCs. There have been bugs running around for decade that could have been nipped in the bud if everyone had the current security updates. But some users prefer to keep tighter control on their computer updates.

Some of you have called me out before for being pretty gung ho about news operating systems and new tech. And I’ll admit it, I get excited about it. I’m a tech writer, that’s what I do. I’m also a problem solver, so I tend to focus on how to make new stuff work instead of whether or not there should be new stuff in the first place. But I like Windows 10 and I think you will as well.

~ Cynthia


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  1. Not real thrilled about the people who got sandwiched into Vista not getting a chance to upgrade. We seem to be left out. Thanks

  2. I have reserved the Free Upgrade. What is this about $100.00? Thought it was free? I
    have Windows 8.1 now. Have never been able to use Google Photos. Cannot open them.
    Will I be able to use all my photos easier if I upgrade? And I hear there is a key
    logger. And an Internet Fee? Not sure if I want more cost when it is supposed to be
    free and only 3 yrs. of support.

    1. Carole: If you wait longer than a year to upgrade – the free offer will expire and Windows will cost about $100. There is no additional Internet Fee and it comes with a full 10 years of support. If you can’t access Google photos, it is likely an issue with our browser or its settings.

  3. I upgraded to Win10 on an Asus Aspire which meets the minimum requirements, 4GB ram and 1.0 Ghz processor. I am disappointed. The system requires more ram to operate and CPU usage is much higher than Win7 to perform even the simplest tasks. I mainly do email, websurf, and have installed the Microsoft Solitaire app. Playing a game of Freecell, the screen sometimes freezes. I open the task manager and see CPU useage going to 100%. I think Microsoft is misleading consumers about how much horsepower is needed to run this operating system. I may reinstall Win7.

  4. When does Windows 10 download? I hit the “Window” button at the bottom of the screen and it said it would notify me when it was ready but nothing has happened. I thought the upgrade was to happen on July 29 of the year. Do I need to shut my computer off tho get the download.

  5. Ok, I did it. I really disliked 8, and I see this as not much better! Lost the one thing I liked in 8, Screen view always there. Desk top changed, again! I’m older, not all screens needed to be “enlarged”, BUT, ALOT DO. Had to choose, I’d still go back to 7, add the View from 8! Oh, and just for the record, I Use a Flip Phone yet! And MS, I’m Still the MONEY!

    1. Your ability to enlarge what you see on the screen has not changed. And there’s not much change to the desktop other than bringing back the start menu.

  6. I have a list of doubts and I will mention how I use my computer (2) 2 lap tops. both WIN 7 OS. Toshiba/Dell. The Toshiba I have hooked up to my TV (HDMI cable) I stream any kind of video I want to the t v screen. Is that run by Media Player or Media Center. I understand that M C will be removed in 10. I get a little tense on that because I also have mp3 files (quite large) both computers I use that way; listening to music and also radio stations. (A multi task entertainment center) Will I be ruined if I switch to 10. Besides don’t we consider “10” to indicate something great? lol. Also, I know printers have to be updated with drivers (no brainer there) so they are compatible with new OS. Now when that happens will the wireless settings for the computer to “speak” to printer still be the same? Or will I have to have someone ( $$ ) help me again with setting up the internet modem and router. I really need an answer, so I hope I know where to find it if you find my question!!! 🙂 Thank you Thank you. All this will determine my choice. I might add, that I go to CNET and I have found problems that people have encountered. HELP HELP!! give me rest on this.

  7. My only concern is, as a blind person who uses text-to-speech software, would I be able to stil use Windows Live Mail and will my documents still be intact. In short, what I am asking and wanting to know please, is if an upgrade to Windows 10 will format my machine or if there is a possibility of it happening. Thanks Cynthia and all should you respons and keep up the good work. I enjoy the newsletter all the way from Trinidad in the Caribbean and learn a lot. My only wish is that there could be an alternative means of making purchases from the store since the banks here are a bit hesitant to issue credit card to blind persons unless they have a joint account with someone who have no disability. Thanks again.

    1. Steve: when I upgraded my personal PC last night, it didn’t even move the location of the shortcuts on my desktop. The full scope of accessibility software is still in play with Windows 10. Live Mail wasn’t affected one little bit and all of my settings were still the same, so your accessibility options should be as well.

  8. they say i can;t get it because i have windows version 6.3 but i have 8.1 do i need the update on windows, number kB 2919355.

  9. Alas! Not as easy as just having Win7. I reserved my copy early on. Got really excited for this. I even made copies of all my photos and videos because they are doing away with Windows Media Player. Come to find out I got a message that stated my display manufacturer hasn’t made my display compatible with windows10 and to contact them. Well, I did. And they told me they have no plans on doing so. 🙁 Left out in the cold while everyone else moves on lol Big bummer!

    1. Mary: FYI, they aren’t doing away with Media Player – just Media Center. Files, such as photos are not affected when you upgrade.

    2. Thank you Cynthia! Good news on my end. After countless searches for hardware to update my computer, I stumbled in to the “Action Center” and low and behold, there was an update to win10. Crossed my fingers and hit update. I now have win10 and as you said, all my photos and videos intact! Happy again lol

  10. Ready to upgrade? Not after seeing the disaster Widows 10 did to my wife’s laptop. Contrary to everything I’ve seen about Windows 10, my wife LOST every application of value, being replace by I don’t-know-what. It took to hours just to get our preferred browser and email client installed. So now she can send emails, and that is about all. Her photo files are all gone, no where to be found. all emails she had on the old OS setup were eliminated, as well as the email address book. I can NOT say one single thing good about Windows 10. If anyone can send detailed instructions as how to rescue my wife’s old files from Microsoft Hell, it would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Daniel: What applications are you missing? Did you do an upgrade from Windows updates or a clean install? Not one file was changed on my PC when I upgraded. My icons didn’t even move.

  11. Upgraded from Windows 7 SP1 on launch day. Only hardware issue so far is losing my Canon MF-4350d printer drivers. Also feel that my computer is running a bit slower. Actual install was painless and error-free.

  12. It was mentioned that for the free version, updates are mandatory but also free for a year (I think.)
    Will there be charges for updates past the one year times span?
    How will that differ from a Purchased version?

      1. What I was told by a computer service fellow in Denver was that upgrades for the free version are free (and mandatory) the first year, but those folks would be charged after the first year.

      2. Upgrades are not mandatory. Updates (as in security updates) are. After a year, those who haven’t already upgraded will have to pay if they choose to upgrade. Updates will always be free.

  13. still using windows 7 XP3 and will not upgrade to 10 UNTIL ALL bugs have been worked out and the reviews are a ’10”

  14. I got the Windows 10 the day it came out. I’ve been really stoked for this. The first thing I checked out after the upgrade was Cortana. Then I find out Cortana is only available in China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States. Really? What about your neighbors to the north? I can’t believe it’s not available in Canada!

    I read an article that says if you set the region to US and set the primary input language to US English you will get Cortana however you may lose some of your apps if you do this. I tried it and it worked and just like the article said, I lost some of the apps I downloaded.

    I liked playing the card games on Windows 7. Now we have to down load apps to play what was always a part of the OS. The apps I tried were terrible, nowhere near the quality of the original games and they were filled with advertising. The quality of the card games are made for phones not a 27″ monitor.

    I was able to turn off the Peek on my main monitor but not on my other 2 monitors. I find it irritating because my cursor always seems to find its way to the bottom right of my screen right while I’m in the middle of doing something. This problem may be due to the fact that I’m using the Display Fusion program for task bars on my other 2 monitors.

    So far it’s been one disappointment after another but I’m still checking it out and looking for that silver lining. It really isn’t that hard to make the jump from Win 7 to Win 10. I pre-ordered your Win 10 book and am looking forward to reading it to discover everything about this new operating system.

    1. Games were not a part of Windows 8 – I’d suggest the Microsoft Solitaire bundle! It’s actually some pretty jazzy versions of Free Cell and the Solitaire games that came with 7. The same is true for Microsoft Minesweep.

      1. What I was told by a computer service fellow in Denver was that upgrades for the free version are free (and mandatory) the first year, but those folks would be charged after the first year.

  15. Here’s something people should be aware of. I have two Acer computers that came with Nvidia graphics. When Windows 10 checked for compatibility the message was the Nvidia driver wasn’t compatible with Windows 10, check with the manufacturer. Nvidia does have the Windows 10 driver available for download, which I did. When I tried to install it on Windows 7 I got an error message that said no compatible hardware found. I think the driver is looking for Windows 10 and not finding it because the OS is still 7. I hope I’m not caught in a catch 22; Windows 10 won’t install because of the driver, and the driver won’t install because Windows 10 isn’t installed.

    An unpleasant experience. I bought an Asus VivoTab Smart tablet with the full Windows 8 OS, not an RT version, in May 2013. I’ve kept the OS updated. When Windows 10 checked for compatibility I got an error message that the Intel Graphics Accelerator was not compatible with Windows 10, check with manufacturer. I checked Intel and the message was that there was no updated driver for the Asus tablet. I checked with Asus and was told that their support techs could not change the tablet graphics. The rep said that perhaps a local tech or BestBuy Geek Squad, where I bought the tablet, could make the modification. So, I have a tablet with full Windows 8 that can’t install Windows 10. Guess I’ll just make it a place mat when Windows 8 support ends.

  16. The download and installation of Win 10 yesterday happened without giving me a chance to just download and delay installation. The problem I am having is with my sound. Everything checked out OK, device manager, etc. The only way I got my sound back was to use System Restore. It happened again today when an update to my Comodo Internet Security had to restart the computer to complete the update – no sound when the computer restarted. Did System Restore again and sound is back. What the heck is going on? MS support for this is almost worthless. I get the message to “try again later” when on the MS support site.

  17. Not switching no they do not listen to feedback, stated once before my games will never work with win 10 and not ever using the biometrics(ex using the eye or fingerprints(hackers are now finding ways of duplicating that info)) they want to implement, more easier for a hacker to get at accounts on

  18. Have mine reserved.. worry about losing games I have had from Big Fish for along time. Also, business documents.. but you said all files and programs would be still be there, so I am going to give it a try…
    I have 8.1 now and like it very much !

    1. Dorothy:

      The files will be there, but if you have older programs, you should probably check their compatibility.

  19. I really wanted to switch to Windows 10, but got no response to my requesting it. Finally found out that I have not had any updates since April. I have it scheduled, and can find no reason why it isn’t working. I have missed the deadline and am really unhappy with the problem. any suggestions?

    1. You haven’t missed a deadline. Once you’re updated,you should still be able to upgrade to Windows 10.

  20. Choosing the wallpaper and other preferences in Windows 10 is much more difficult than previous versions of Windows.

    I also found the tiles (the format used in Windows 8) to be mainly useless in Windows 10. Other than news highlights, weather, and the mail, the tiles format (from Windows 8) doesn’t include any app programs, just advertising and games. It would be nice to customize the tiles to include the app programs (like in Windows 8).

  21. Pat – the free upgrades are available from July 29 2015 through July 29, 2016. Interest has been pretty high, with a reported 47 million downloads by the weekend. Once you reserve the upgrade, it will download when it is ready – but it should not install unless you tell it to. It’s possible that there could be some other issue with your PC. If the power light keeps going off with your PC, that may indicate some type of hardware problem. Even a PC with a crashed hard drive will turn on. Have you tried another power cord? It’s possible that yours has headed south.

  22. In auto updates 8-3-15 I noticed a failed update so I checked it out. Microsoft updated my Win 7 home to Window 10 Home. I did not reserve Win 10 to be installed. Thank goodness it failed. I have not checked to see if the specs on my PC will accept Win 10 or backed up files yet in the instructions per recent newsletters. I do not plan on getting Win 10 right now. The Window 10 icon is still in the taskbar.
    What can I do to tell MS to not automatically download Win 10 Home in my updates? Thanks for all the tips in the premium newsletters. Cynthia

  23. ….I must say you did make me feel a bit more comfortable-
    but not yet at ease. I loved and miss my XP – keeping it to do art work and
    photography and programs that 7 would not take.

    Will I have to upgrade to 8 before 10? I am 7 now and have 10 on reserve….and how will it let me know when it’s ready to download/install?

    You are greatly appreciated Cyn!

  24. I have windows 7 on my laptop but the windows 10 icon has not appeared in my task bar ? I would very much like to download windows 10 but haven’t a clue about how to do it,,

  25. I have Windows 8.1. I am seriously considering upgrading to Windows 10. One of my main concerns was the possibility of any costs after the free upgrade, which I have read that this is not the case. The upgrade is completely free to install for the first year and there will be no subscription fees or any other costs at all after the installation. I realize that after the free 1 year upgrade, that there will be a cost to upgrade. My only concern now is, do we need to back-up our current files on our hard drive before the upgrade. I read the article today that stated ‘your files and programs will remain intact.’ Does this mean there is no need to back-up files or does it mean that any files I now have on my Windows 8.1 hard drive will not be affected after the upgrade? Please clarify.

    Thank you.

    1. Your files should not be overwritten, none of mine were altered in the slightest. But it is still a good idea to back up all of your important files before making any changes to a PC.

  26. I am EXTREMELY concerned about the spying and privacy issues with Windows 10. I know some can be disabled but that does not satisfy my privacy concerns. I will probably leave Windows altogether and go to a different system after Windows 7 expires. I am not alone.

  27. The Win 7 information is confusing because everything I’d heard indicated that OS would be supported until 2020. Now you say Microsoft no longer offers mainstream support. I continue to get security updates, etc. on a weekly basks so I don’t understand how you can say that’s ended.

  28. How about doing a clear step 1, step 2, step 3, etc. method for doing a W10 and W7 dual boot using either a disc partition or separate internal disc.
    Many of us old timers would like to try out W10, but we don’t want to give up W7.
    Please do while W10 is free.

  29. Glad you love Cortana I would love it too if it could recognise a good Scottish accent from Glasgow

  30. How do I know if Windows 10 will be acceptable on my computer? Never saw a Win10 box to click to download it.

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