Android Secret Codes: Part 2

In part one of this article, I told you all about the secret codes that can help you better troubleshoot your Android phone. These can be a great help when you’re having problems, but please remember to be careful using them. You could end up hurting your phone. Let’s check out some more codes.

  1. *#1111#

Typing this code will let you see the version of your service mode type.

  1. *#0*#

That’s a cool one. Will provide you with some phone tests, like touch sensitivity etc. You may use them to do a fine-tuning to your device, or to do a quick check if you think that something is not working properly.


  1. *#2663#

This code is intended to display the firmware version and updates. The firmware consists in small pieces of programs meant to make your device to work and it’s a very important part of its life.

  1. *#34971539#

Typing this one will enter the camera settings. Very useful if you don’t like the default presets or you want to do deeper changes.


  1. *#0011#

Will display information about GSM service.


Now, if you’d like to play around with these codes, my advice is to try the simple ones that just give information and  won’t accidentally harm your device. Again, be very careful!  Have fun!

~ Adrian

3 thoughts on “Android Secret Codes: Part 2

  1. In the article “Android Secret Codes: Part 2”, the link to “Part 1” is broken – receive the Error 404 message

  2. Neat stuff but does not seem to work on all android phones. I have an HTC Desire 610 from AT&T. None of the codes work. I assume when you hit the last # symbol that the code should work. Nothing happens on my phone or my good friend who has HTC Eye

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