Microsoft Adds Messaging App For E-Mail

Need to send a super-short e-mail? Microsoft has you covered with new app designed to help you dash off a quick note to your e-mail contacts. The app is called Send and right now it’s available for those with Office 365 business and student accounts using the Outlook e-mail app. It’s basically like being able to send a text to an e-mail contact.

With Send, there are no subject lines or signatures. You just send a brief message to your contact.  Something along the lines of “Meet me in the conference room.” or “Is the report done yet?”


This enables you to contact people whose e-mail address you have handy in your mail app, but whose phone numbers you may not know. like co-workers, teachers and others that you deal with more on a professional basis.

You’ll also have the option of responding to message in Send with just a tap. You can select commons responses like “On my way” or “I’ll get back to you.”

Just as with other messaging apps, you’ll be able to see if someone is typing a response. Your messages will also mean that your conversations will be synced with your Outlook e-mail client. You’ll be able to message anyone with an e-mail address.


Right now Send is only available for iOS devices and only for those with Office 365 accounts, but Microsoft plans to offer it to more devices soon. Messaging apps within web-based e-mail clients are certainly nothing new and most folks with a smartphone probably have one or more messaging apps installed.  The question for Microsoft is can they come up with one that can compete.

~ Cynthia


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