Can I Get A Windows 10 System Disc?

We’ve had this question a few times this week about Windows 10. “Can one obtain a disk with Windows 10? How else can one fix a faulty operating system?”


Great question. You’ll be able to burn a system disk to have ready in case you need it. In fact, it’s one of the first things I’d suggest you do after upgrading to Windows 10.

Just type backup and recovery in the search box and click on the results. You’ll find a wizard to help you make a system disc.

~ Cynthia


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  1. Will Windows 10 upgrade older computer 32 bit to 64 bit system? I understand if you were running Windows XP you could load Windows upgrade with 64 bit system for Windows 7.

  2. The only results I got was a message saying “Didn’t find anything”.
    Win 10 upgraded from Win 7.

  3. If I burn a systems disk after downloading Win 10, will that same system disk be the same for (compatible) both my Win 7 & Win 8 based machines??
    When will I receive the basic/preliminary copy of Win 10 help information, followed by the version that I paid for??

  4. Great, a real bad overlook for,8 and 8.1 lets hope 10 also does not drop all of the DLLs one needs for programs such as it did when it dropped xp have a good day alan ps this is regarding being able to burn full system disk in the new win10

  5. Win 10 – System Image Backup (Create an image disk of Windows 10)

    Win 10 Search is not working so well for finding this, so if you want to make an Image of Win 10, here is what worked for me. In addition, you also need to make a Repair Disk which is used when Win 10 is messed up.

    On the keyboard, hold down the Windows key + x at the same time or search for “Control Panel”. Click on Control Panel.

    In the “System and Security” section, click on “Save backup copies of your files with File History”.

    In the lower left corner, click on “System Image Backup”. Then in the upper left corner, click on “Create a system image”. You will also want to do the “Create a system repair disc” to use if your computer does not boot.

    At this point you should get the Wizard that guides you through creating an Image of Win 10. It could take ten blank 8 Gig DVD’s, so be prepared or use a large external hard drive for the backup.

    I have the 64 bit version of Win 10 loaded July 29. Good luck!

  6. I cold not figure how to make recovery disk. Could not find a wizard to help you make a system

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