A reader opened a question with my least favorite sentence around here, ” This is a stupid question, but how do I get into the cloud site to see if I have e-mail there?”  It’s not stupid to ask a question a question about something you need to know. In fact, this is a question that could benefit a lot of people.

Many people get their e-mail via an e-mail client like Outlook and never visit the webmail interface of their account online. In fact, I missed a very important e-mail about a job interview once because it was stuck in the Spam filter of my ISP and never downloaded to my PC. I checked Outlook’s spam and junk boxes regularly to see if anything I actually wanted had been filtered out, but not online.

Since the reader has an att.net e-mail address, she’ll find her online webmail at Yahoo.com. Yahoo manages the e-mail for att.net.  Just click on the Mail icon.


Log in with your username and password and you’ll be taken to your inbox.


Other Internet Service Providers may have their own web-based mail interfaces. You can usually go to their website and look for an option to go to e-mail, or contact them to find out how to get there.

If you have any type of Microsoft account or address (Outlook.com, Hotmail.com, Live Mail, or MSN), go to Outlook.com and log in with the e-mail and password for that account.

If you have an Android phone or any type of Google account, go to Gmail.com and log in.

For Apple accounts, head over to http://www.icloud.com and sign in with our Apple ID and password.

I hope that helps.

~ Cynthia