Beware This Window 10 Scam E-Mail

Scammers are always ready to hop on any bandwagon, and now they are targeting folks waiting for their Windows 10 upgrade. The upgrades are rolling out slowly, and not everyone has theirs yet. Now, crooks are sending an e-mail that could wreck your PC.

Impersonating Microsoft is a favorite tactic of scammers. I’ve written multiple articles about the crooks that call your home, say they see a problem with your PC, and trick millions of people into giving them control of their computer.

This time they’re sending e-mails. The message says it’s from <>. The folks at Cisco grabbed this image of one example of the scam e-mail.


These messages come with an installer attached and once you unzip that installer and run the program, you will activate a ransomware program that will lock your PC and demand payment within 96 hours to unlock it.


Your Windows 10 upgrade will be available through the Windows Update program on your PC, you won’t activate it from an e-mail. While you may get an e-mail from Microsoft telling you that your Windows 10 upgrade is ready, it won’t have an attachment that you need to execute.

As always, be cautious. Scammers have nothing better to do all day long that think about ways to defraud you.

~ Cynthia

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  1. …..I’m not seeing what we ”should” look for-
    I did receive something via email, saying my Windows 10 was ready-
    [but I am not, I want to wait a while till all the issues are cleared]-
    …so now what do I do when I am ready???

    [and how do I get a reply here?] ThankYou SoMuch…

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