Welcome to Honey! Honey is a browser extension that will automatically look for coupons when you checkout at a store online.

This browser extension works in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. I use Chrome, and all you have to do to add it as a browser extension there is to click the Get Honey button, and then select to add it.

For help with Honey check out the FAQ. It is very informative. ┬áThe animated image, shows you how your check out will work. Honey finds codes, tells you how many codes they’ve found for the location you’re shopping at, and then gives you a Try Codes button. You click the button, and Honey will try to apply the codes it has found to your order.

I love this, because I already look for coupon codes every time I purchase items online. This saves me time and effort by looking for the coupon codes for me, and allowing me to apply them with the click of a button.

Check it out for yourself today!



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