I’ve heard from a some of you that your Windows 10 upgrade downloaded and then disappeared and you just couldn’t get it to install. Some of you reported an installation error, the most common being an 80240020 error.

The same thing happened to me while I was updating my Surface. The update was without a hitch on my larger laptop, but stubbornly refused to install on my Surface. Here’s how I fixed it.

Go to File Explorer on your PC. Click the icon that looks like a file.


Then choose the local disc where your operating system is installed (most likely C ) in the left column, and Windows in the right column.


Go To Software Distribution.


Then choose download.


Highlight everything in that folder and hit Delete.


Snow search for Command Prompt and right-click on the result.


Choose run as admin from the menu that opens.


You may get a warning asking if you want to allow the program to make changes to the computer, which, of course, you do. So, click Yes. Then the Command Prompt window will open.


Type in wuauclt.exe /updatenow exactly as written. Notice that there is a space after exe and before the slash. That space has to be there for it to work.  Hit enter.

Windows 10 should immediately start downloading again. Hopefully your installation will go better the second time around.

~ Cynthia