Where’s My Upgrade?

I’ve heard from a ton of you who reserved your free upgrade, but haven’t received it yet. What should you do? Well, try to be be patient. Microsoft is rolling out the upgrade in stages. When yours is ready, you’ll see this pop-up Windows come from that little Windows icon on your taskbar.


When you click on Schedule your free upgrade, the window below will open. You’ll be able to read and approve the license agreement and start the installation process.


~ Cynthia

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  1. Thank you for this information! Of all the websites I’ve visited trying to find out how we were to know when the upgrade was ready, you’re the only one who’s done this. Thanks again!

    1. Wendy, I agree completely with you. I had a big problem with my attempt to “reserve” Windows 10 and got better info from Worldstart than the Microsoft website.

  2. I was expecting Windows 10 Free Download on the 29th of July (Like I was the ONLY One on the List)
    I Preordered another Laptop from Tiger Direct on 6 July 15 for $599.99
    Its a Acer Aspire Touch Notebook -Intel Core i5-5200U 2.2GHz,8GB DDR3, 1TB HDD,DVDRW, 15.6 Touch Screen Display, Windows 10 -NX.MW1AA.0033, Just to be among the first to have a LT that has ONLY Windows 10 on it. Wish I could attach a Pic on this Email to you all.

    I’m Apparently Still on Win 10’s List for Free Download & Ill try and do it on My Windows 8.1 Non touch Screen LT.

  3. To All at the World Start Team Personnel, Keep Up the FANTASTIC work.

    BZ to All
    (Bravo Zulu) are Flags flown on a Naval vessel for Telling another Ship or Shore Command “Well Done”.

  4. I have received my notification that my upgrade is ready but it won’t install.Something about my partition is to small to update. This is a fairly new computer with a 1tb hard drive with tons of space on it. What gives ??I am running windows 7.

  5. Hi, I just purchased a New Dell Inspiration, it came with windows 8.1, as soon as the download was finished, I got the message that my windows 10 was ready to download. Had no problem downloading.

  6. I have a further question. We have 3 computers, two desktops and one laptop. We have received and down loaded Win10 to the desktops with no problem. My question, I only have my laptop turned on about twice a month for a few hours for financial reasons, so it is not available for access to Microsoft that often. Every time I turn it on, I download and install the most current updates, but to date, no Win10. Will that limit my access to this download?

  7. I have a question windows 10 Internet options to close current or all tabs has been deleted. It only gives me the option to close ALL TABS not good. If my glasses are dirty I’m sorry but I could sure use your help.

  8. Thanks, as of 10/26/2015 I still haven’t gotten my upgrade. Reads We will notify when ready. Thanks for letting me know that I need to be patient

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