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Apple To Push Security Patch For OS X

Apple will fix a security flaw that allows a hacker to gain control of your system. The company says the next update to OS X , OS X 10.10.5 will have a patch for the issue.  The bug is called DYLD, and there are already reports that adware makers have taken advantage of the hole.


Apple has a reputation for being safer than Windows, but the OS has seen its fair share of security issues lately.  You may recall that a serious vulnerability that allows hacker’s to gain access to root privilege was disclosed back in April. That issue affected several versions of the OS, but only Yosemite was patched, no patch was offered for Lion, Mountain Lion, or Mavericks.

Android – Nearly 25,000 Devices Out There

The thing that helps made Android devices the most popular mobile devices in the world, is also the operating system’s biggest downfall. Any manufacturer can take Android and tweak it to suit their device.  That’s led to what’s called fragmentation. Apple’s iOS operating system is only found on a few devices, all manufactured by Apple. The version of iOS 8 that runs on one device is exactly the same as the version of iOS 8 that runs on another Apple device.


That’s no the case with Android. A recent report by OpenSignal says that there are 24, 093 different Android devices in use. Those device were offered by nearly 1,300 different companies.  That means that an app that might operate fine on one device, might see some issues on another device that’s configured differently.  With more than 1 billion android devices in use out there, that can make it hard on app developers and on folks like me who are trying to help individuals troubleshoot.


Chromecast Add Channels

Users of Google’s Chromecast streaming stick have some new channels to check out. The service has added Food Network and the Travel Channel. Plus, users will now how have the option get get a subscription to HBO Now, the service the network offers to cord cutters.


HBO Now is also available on Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as Amazon’s Fire TV.

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