Changing Colors in Yahoo E-mail

Previously I explained to you how you could find colors on the color-hex website and use them in Windows Live Mail.

Now, Richie has a question about Yahoo! Mail. He writes:   “I use Yahoo e-mail will color-hex work with it ? Also will it work in the same way as live mail Thanks . By the way all of your hard work is greatly appreciated.”

To pick a color for text in your Yahoo Mail, first open your inbox and select compose.


At the bottom of the new message, you’ll see a menu where you can insert files and make formatting choices for the message.


Then select the icon that looks like an A inside a square.


You’ll see a choice of colors for Text and Highlight purposes.


You can’t create custom colors, like you can in some programs. You’re limited to the 24 colors available. You can click the text icon for a choice of 7 fonts and six sizes for your text.


Another option, if you have your heart set on a custom color, would be to type your text and select the custom colors in a program like Word.


Then copy/paste the text into your Yahoo! message.


Hope this helps.

~ Cynthia

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