Office Lens: Put A Scanner In Your Pocket

Here’s a handy app to check out for your Android Phone: Microsoft’s Office Lens. This app helps turn your phone’s camera into a portable scanner that fits right in your pocket.

With Office Lens you can take pictures of paper documents as well as business cards, receipts, posters or Post-It Notes and turn those images into editable text.


You can also grab pictures of wipe boards, which can be a great help for meetings or for students in class. Those images can be turned into editable text as well. If you use the special whiteboard mode, Office Lens will take care of the glare and shadows that you can find in a image of a wipe board.


You can save the documents to your OneDrive, One Note, or on your device.


Those images can be converted to Word documents, PowerPoints presentations, or PDFs and be automatically saved to your OneDrive.


Best of all, Office Lens is free from the Google Play Store.  This app gets a 4.5 out of 5 star ratings from those who have used it and has close to 20,000 5-start reviews. Check it out for yourself.

~ Cynthia

8 thoughts on “Office Lens: Put A Scanner In Your Pocket

  1. I think that is pretty crappy of you to put in that open mail you knew it would be to hard to not click on. That is a scam IMHO. BTW A question about Windows 10. Mine had been trying to download since 7/29 sometimes twice a day. It always fails. Any suggestions. A daily reader of your newsletter and always appreciate your content with the exception of the above. Thanks Shirley

    1. That’s probably going to depend on the handwriting. I’d suggest downloading it and giving it a try. It’s free.

  2. How does this compare to Genious Scan? Does it work on Windows phones – being Microsoft you think it would….

  3. A scanner is enormously helpful in an office and can be so useful with business documents. It is crazy to me that they can utilize this helpful technology in a mobile device. Usually, I have the time to scan my documents with a professional machine; but I am sure this could come in handy. Thank you for depicting so well how this type of technology works and how effective it is.

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