Should I Uninstall Process Explorer?

Julian is ready to upgrade to Windows 10, but has a question about a program running in Windows 7.  He writes: “I installed Process Explorer on Windows 7, but it unexpectedly changed Task Manager to exclude access to closing active programs. I’m about to install Windows 10, but I’d like to know whether the original form of Task Manager will return, or, if not, how can I uninstall Process Explorer. Any Advice ?”


Process Explorer is a utility program that gives you more detailed information about your computer’s processes that you normally find in your task manager. I can’t say for sure what will happen when you install Windows 10, but the new OS doesn’t affect the programs installed on your PC, so it’s possible nothing will change at all.  Since you don’t seem to like Process Explorer, anyway, let’s look at how you can uninstall it.

Go to your search box in the Windows 10 Start Menu and type “Uninstall a program.” Click on the result.


The Uninstall or change a program window will open.  You can scroll down through the list of programs to find Process Explorer.


Or search for it in the search box at the top of the Window.


Once you find the file you want to uninstall, click on it to select and then choose Uninstall at the top of the Window.


This same process will work for uninstalling any unwanted program.

~ Cynthia

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