Eddie had a question about something that often confuses people about Windows.  He writes:  “I am using Windows 9.7 but you do not mention this one to change over to 10.0.”   Eddie – you may be misreading something. There is no Windows 9. Microsoft skipped from 8.1 to Windows 10.

Sometimes people look at the Kernel numbers for Windows (Windows XP is 5.1, Windows 7 is 6.1,Windows 8 is 6.2 and Windows 8.1 is 6.3 ), and confuse those numbers, but since you’re going higher in the numbers, I wonder if you aren’t looking at something like a version of the AOL desktop. The most recent version of that is 9.7. That’s a program that you download onto your PC and not an operating system.

To see what operating system you’re using on your PC, go to Computer or This PC on your system and right-click on your main hard drive. Then choose properties.


Your PC will display which OS you’re running.


~ Cynthia