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Facebook is a great place to share your photos, but after a few years of posting, you can end up with thousands of images that can be difficult to organize. Jerry is facing that issue:  He writes:  “Hi! I’ve been posting pictures to my timeline for years now, and some of them are in related ‘daily’ posts I’ve been doing for some time. On April first of this year I started posting ‘Picture of the Day’ pictures [anywhere from one to five per post, and up to three posts in a day], and on May 18 I started a second daily series of messages [also on my timeline] with pictures and reviews of books in Fantasy and Science Fiction series [including descriptions and links to external review sources in the messages]. Now, I’d like to move the pictures I’ve been sending for the past hundred or so days to two new albums – one for the Dragon pictures; and the other for the Books. Is there any easy way to do this, or will I have to upload all of the pictures again to get them into the desired albums? I do have all of the pictures on my hard drive, and all of the text that went into the messages saved in a word++ document. I’d really appreciate any help or suggestions.”

Good news Jerry, you won’t have to upload all those images again. In fact it’s a pretty simple process. I do my best to always upload images into appropriatealbums, just for the sake of organization. But sometimes, I don’t do a very good job of it. Let’s look at how you can organize your photos after they’ve been uploaded.

You’ll want to head on over to your profile page and choose Photos.


Choose Create Album.


You will need to choose at least one image to upload to create the album. But after that you can simply move images.


Now you can name the image and add a description. You can also decide whether or not you want to make it a shared album.

facebook-photos-create album

Then choose Post.


Once that album is created, you can begin to add images to it. Go to Photos or to the album you want to move the images from. Hover the mouse in the upper-right corner of an image to pull up the edit or delete options.


Select Move To Other Album.


Select the album that you want to move the item to. You’ll need to do this one at a time for your images.


Choose Move Photo.


The images you selected will now be in your new folder.


~ Cynthia

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  1. Thanks – That will get me started! I’ve got some work to do, since I don’t want to lose the context between the pictures and the text I originally included in the messages that went with them, so I intend to create a series of Facebook ‘note’s to go along with the new albums. I’ll have to determine the maximum number of pictures that an album will hold and then tailor the notes to match the albums. As I said in my previous message, I have all of the text saved in Notepad++ document [actually I said Word++ by mistake], so it will just take the effort to re-edit it appropriately and post the notes. One follow-up question: Can I include a link to a website in a Facebook note? That is what I’ve been doing in messages. I’m sure I can include them in the text, but will they be clickable to get to the links, or will the readers have to either type them into their browsers themselves or copy and paste them to perform the same result? Thanks again, and now I’ve got some work ahead of me.

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